Dear Pirate Alumni:


I am under a contract with the West Carrollton City Schools to develop

an all-sports record book for the school district.  I have been

reviewing yearbooks from the school library and back issues of the

Miamisburg News and Dayton Daily News/Journal Herald for information.  

Information on team and individual athletic performances prior to 1969

is sketchy at best.  I am also contacting as many coaches who are still

around as retirees (Murl Huffman, Ron Bingamon, Roger Pack, etc.) to

gather some information.  Unfortunately the ones that probably had a

lot of information are deceased (Clair Eisele, Steve Graban, and Don

Bogan) and that information has been tossed out by their families.


So I am looking for any alumni who might have old newspaper clips about

West Carrollton athletic teams or possibly ending season results (such

as hitting and pitching stats for baseball, rushing, passing, etc. for

football, track results, and basketball box scores).


I am also looking for the 1945 West Carrollton High School yearbook as

well as any yearbooks from the 1930s.  The school librarian has allowed

me to borrow every yearbook she had but some, unfortunately, have been

taken from the library over the years.


If you could spread the word to WCHS Alumni about this project and the

need for this type of information, it would be greatly appreciated.  I

can be reached at 937-859-0663 (best day is Friday or weekends), or via

e-mail at or by mailing information to me at 230

Ridgecrest Drive, West Carrollton, Ohio 45449.  Any information you

could pass along will be extremely helpful on this project.


I have old ties with West Carrollton starting as a sportswriter for the

Miamisburg News back in 1970 and later becoming managing editor for

five years.  Although I am a graduate of Miamisburg (boo, hiss)my

association with people like Don Bogan, Dean Pond, Roger Pack, and many

others was always memorable because of the openness they gave me in my

work with them.


At one time back during West Carrollton's great 1979 football season I

had a number of Miamisburg people accuse me of being a West Carrollton

graduate because of the extensive coverage I gave to the Pirate

football team.  It was worth it.


Anything you can do for me would be greatly appreciated.



Mark Becker